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The staff picks are the 10 books our Librivox volunteers recommend to listeners in the last list on the right hand side on our librivox main page on, as well as on our librivox homepage.

They are updated in the beginning of each month. The main goal is to show the variety of audio books librivox is offering, and to help listeners find the hidden gems in our catalog.

Can I help?

Most certainly! The staff picks are so called because that's how the Internet Archive, our file host, calls them - LibriVox is entirely volunteer-run and has no staff. Have a look at this thread in the forums, where new suggestions are collected. At the moment, there is a theme for the suggestions in each month. However, feel free to post any suggestions, even if they don't fit the theme right now - they surely come handy at some later point.

Currently Availle is the admin responsible for the staff picks (i.e., collecting them and putting them online), so pointers to literature or poetry are especially welcome.

And let's not forget: Books we don't have cannot be picked! The more books we produce, the better - have fun recording!

What has been chosen before?

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