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Projects of Note

Last updated 12 February 2013


Pansy Books

Ester Reid Series

  1. Ester Ried
  2. Julia Ried
  3. The King's Daughter
  4. Wise and Otherwise
  5. Ester Ried's Namesake

The Chautauqua Girls Series

  1. Four Girls at Chautauqua
  2. The Chautauqua Girls at Home
  3. Ruth Erskine's Crosses
  4. Ester Ried Yet Speaking
  5. Judge Burnham's Daughters
  6. Workers Together, or, An Endless Chain
  7. Ruth Erskine's Son
  8. Four Mothers at Chautauqua

Other Pansy Books

Stephen Leacock

Other Authors

Other Works I Recommend

(I've been involved in many more projects than this. Here's a link to all the group projects in which I've read at least one section: LINK)