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Spotlight On was first suggested by cetz as a way to get to know !LibriVox volunteers better (see thread here: Each week, a volunteer interviews another volunteer. The result is posted on the LibriVox forum, and additional questions may be asked there.

We're looking for interviewees and interviewers - please just created a new line in the table below and sign up! When a pair has been found, the date can be added.


Please give people's forum aliases, not their real names, for easier recognition!

Date Interviewee Interviewed by Forum link
17 June 2006 earthcalling Starlite
24 June 2006 ceastman Starlite
01 July 2006 Peter Why Starlite
08 July 2006 kayray earthcalling
15 July 2006 Kri earthcalling
22 July 2006 !LibraryLady earthcalling
29 July 2006 Cloud Mountain earthcalling
05 August 2006 kaseumin earthcalling
15 September 2006 jimmowatt Cloud Mountain
23 September 2006 raezel Cloud Mountain
30 September 2006 kristin Cloud Mountain
07 October 2006 KATWAL earthcalling
14 October 2006 gypsygirl Cloud Mountain
21 October 2006

Looks to be the 'Spotlight On' interviews are now appeaing off & on within the LV Community Podcasts. If you'd like to be interviewed or if there is someone you'd like to interview, please contact jimmowatt or ductapeguy or cloud mountain or one of the other regular podcaster. Thank you.

Interviewed on the Podcast:

Anna and kmerline
Sibella and Starlite
(interviewees to 14th Mar 08)