Newbie Guide for Soloists

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Work in progress - please do not yet edit this page until this message disappears! Thank you.

Gesine (PM me if you have questions)

This is a guide for people who've never done a solo project at LibriVox before, and for those who want to refresh their skills. If you have any questions, please ask anyone from the LibriVox admin team, or post a new topic in the Need help forum.

Who can record a book for LibriVox?

LibriVox is a completely open project. Anyone who can meet our technical requirements (basically, that's anyone with a computer and internet access, and a low-cost microphone) is welcome to record for us.

  • Test recording: There is no audition process, although we do like to see new volunteers record a section of a group project before embarking on a solo project. This is to check that the sound quality of the files is all right, and that you are familiar with the processes of submitting files to LibriVox.
  • Languages other than English: You're welcome to record in whatever language you choose, even if it is not your native language.

Choosing a book to read

Make sure that the book you want to read is in the public domain.

  • Multiple versions: If you'd like to know whether a book has already been recorded (or is in progress), search the [LibriVox catalogue]. It's fine to record another version, we have multiple versions of many books and they always add something new, and offer more choice to our listeners.
  • Ideas: If you're not sure what to read, why not browse the Book Suggestions forum for works people would like to listen to.

Start the project: Post in the New Projects Launch Pad

This is a little fiddly if you've never done it before. Here is a detailed description with lots of pictures to make this easier for you.

Wait for a Meta-Coordinator (MC)

When you have posted your project in the New Projects Launch Pad, please wait for an MC to come along and 'claim' your project. MCs are members of the LibriVox admin team; they set up new projects in the database and accompany the soloist throughout the recording process. They can answer any questions you may have.

Please note that projects in the Launch Pad are not picked up chronologically but depending on MC availability. You may have to wait a couple of days, esp. if you've chosen a non-fiction or non-English project - not all MCs are equally comfortable with all subject matters. Also, MCs also have a Real Life and sometimes just get too busy. This is no reflection on your choice of project!

You may already start recording whilst you wait for an MC. If you have never recorded a solo project before, it's best to check that your meta data (example file name & tags) are all right - just contact any member of the LibriVox admin team via PM (private message) and you should get an answer straight away.