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  1. Author: Bible version, spelled out
    World English Bible
  2. Name/number of book: Bible ([version abbreviation]) ##: [name of book]
    - Bible (WEB) 01: Genesis
    - Bible (ASV)NT 01: Matthew
    - Bible (KJV) Apocrypha/Deuterocanon: Prayer of Manasseh

Including the version abbreviation ensures that you'll be able to find the project you're working on in the big database table. For example, if there are two Genesis projects from different Bible versions, they wouldn't automatically get a Genesis-1 or Genesis-Version 2 designation because they have different authors, so you wouldn't be able to tell them apart in the database table without the version acronym. For the Apocrypha, or Deuterocanonical books, the term used (Apocrypha vs Deuterocanon) varies with Bible version and religious tradition. Include both terms so the book will turn up on a search either way.

Numbering: The numbers ensure that the books sort properly. See below for a list of Bible books. Begin numbering over again with 01 for the New Testament and include the acronym "NT" in the title. The books of the Apocrypha/Deuterocanon can be ordered in different ways, so leave the numbers off those and let them sort alphabetically. Exception: if your project uses a translation that groups the Deuterocanon in with the Old Testament (i.e. Orthodox, Catholic), go ahead and number the book so it'll sort with the other Old Testament books (but also include "Deuterocanon" in the title so listeners searching for that can find it).


  1. Author: Bible version, spelled out
    World English Bible
  2. Title: Name of book (optional: version acronym in parentheses)
    Genesis or Genesis (WEB)
  3. Author URL: leave blank or link to Wikipedia entry for Bible version
  4. Other URL: This is the place to include a link to any other author that seems relevant, especially for the gospels and epistles (i.e. Matthew for Gospel of Matthew, Paul for Romans, etc.).

Handy numbered list of Bible books

01: Genesis
02: Exodus
03: Leviticus
04: Numbers
05: Deuteronomy
06: Joshua
07: Judges
08: Ruth
09: 1 Samuel
10: 2 Samuel
11: 1 Kings
12: 2 Kings
13: 1 Chronicles
14: 2 Chronicles
15: Ezra
16: Nehemiah
17: Esther
18: Job
19: Psalms
20: Proverbs
21: Ecclesiastes
22: Song of Songs
23: Isaiah
24: Jeremiah
25: Lamentations
26: Ezekiel
27: Daniel
28: Hosea
29: Joel
30: Amos
31: Obadiah
32: Jonah
33: Micah
34: Nahum
35: Habakkuk
36: Zephaniah
37: Haggai
38: Zechariah
39: Malachi

- - -

NT 01: Matthew
NT 02: Mark
NT 03: Luke
NT 04: John
NT 05: Acts
NT 06: Romans
NT 07: 1 Corinthians
NT 08: 2 Corinthians
NT 09: Galatians
NT 10: Ephesians
NT 11: Phillippians
NT 12: Colossians
NT 13: 1 Thessalonians
NT 14: 2 Thessalonians
NT 15: 1 Timothy
NT 16: 2 Timothy
NT 17: Titus
NT 18: Philemon
NT 19: Hebrews
NT 20: James
NT 21: 1 Peter
NT 22: 2 Peter
NT 23: 1 John
NT 24: 2 John
NT 25: 3 John
NT 26: Jude
NT 27: Revelation