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Here is a list of the tutorials available for the Audacity software. Some of them are picture tutorials, for those of us who are more visual. They are indicated as such.

Please note that these sections are still under construction, and content will be added as time permits.

See also the Instructional Videos page.

Deleting Errors

Processing Audio

Noise Cleaning

Removing Peaks

  • Removing Peaks - Step-by-step picture tutorial on how to remove single rogue peaks.
  • Verstärken - Schritt für Schritt Anleitung: Wie man eine Aufnahme verstärken kann, die viele laute Spitzen hat

Measuring Volume



Dynamic Range Compression

Manipulating Tracks

De-Essing Files

Removing Click Sounds

Fixing Individual Plosives

It is (obviously) better to avoid getting them in the first place by correct mic placement. See this article.

However, the occasional popping 'p' (which is actually breath on the mic and a very low frequency sound) can be isolated and treated with a High Pass Filter. Make sure your selection begins and ends on the horizontal line (by clicking the Z key). Then click Effect > High Pass Filter, and using settings of roll-off 12dB and cut-off frequency 100 Hz, click OK. The popping sound should be decreased.

Silence removal