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Here is a link to an LV Zoom tutorial on how to create Book and Author Wikipedia Links, and a link to the 2-page instruction sheet referred to in the tutorial:

'Zoom Video Tutorial on Creating Wikipedia Page Links' (by msfry 1/24/2021, beginning approximately 4:25)

Instructions - Create Wikipedia Page Links to Librivox Authors and Books


Wikipedia is careful not to become a "link farm"; they are always on the lookout for self-promoting spammers. If you volunteer to help with this project, here are some essential rules you must follow:

  • GOOD – To add links, become a Wikipedia member with a username and password – it’s free and only takes a minute. Guest edits may be viewed with suspicion.
  • GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia BOOK page to an LV page containing all iterations of that book (or poem). Linking to a specific title is NOT GOOD.
  • GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia AUTHOR page to an LV page which lists all books/stories by that author.
  • NOT GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia page about, say, a collection of poems to ONE poem at LV.
  • GOOD - use the approved "explanation of edit" language: (copy and paste: "External Link - add Librivox author template” OR "External Link - add Librivox audiobook template”.
  • DO NOT CHECK "this is a minor edit". Wikipedia considers adding links to be a major edit.
  • DEFINITELY AVOID adding many links from many different pages, to one LV site, all at once - this sets off linkspam radar.
  • If your LV link gets removed, DO NOT revert the deletions ... that is not viewed well in Wikipedia land. PM msfry, who will try to resolve the issue.

PM msfry if you have questions. 1/25/2021