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Here is a link to an LV Zoom tutorial on how to create Book and Author Wikipedia Links, and links to the 2-page instruction sheet referred to in the tutorial:

'Zoom Video Tutorial on Creating Wikipedia Links' (by msfry 1/24/2021)

Create Wikipedia Page Links to Librivox Authors and Books


  • Wikipedia is careful not to become a "link farm"; they are always on the lookout for self-promoting spammers. Here are LV’s safeguards to avoid that:
  • GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia BOOK page to an LV page containing all iterations of that book (or poem) is good. Linking to a specific title is NOT GOOD.
  • GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia AUTHOR page to an LV page which lists all books/stories by that author is good.
  • NOT GOOD - a link from a Wikipedia page about, say, a collection of poems to ONE poem at LV.
  • GOOD – To add links, become a Wikipedia member with a username and password – it’s free and only takes a minute. Guest edits may be viewed with suspicion.
  • DEFINITELY AVOID adding many links from many different pages, to one LV site, all at once - this sets off linkspam radar.
  • If your LV link gets removed, DO NOT revert the deletions ... that is not viewed well in Wikipedia land. PM msfry and I’ll try to resolve the issue.