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This page links to a series of video guides created to help LibriVox recorders. The first two were created by Daniel (Great Plains)(Introduction and Getting Started)and the others by Phil Chenevert. These videos are hosted on YouTube.

A full list of all tutorial videos made by our member Phil Chenevert can be found here:


Topics: Introduction to LibriVox, joining LibriVox, and registering for projects.

Video 1

Topics: Downloading and installing Audacity, installing the LAME plug-in, and choosing the microphone.

Video 2

Where Did Phil's Videos Go?


All of Phil's instructional videos have been moved to a free-standing website, LibriVideo at

How to tell Your Audio Volume in Audacity

This video shows you the amplitude of audio signal preferred by LibriVox and where the microphone gain slider is located in Audacity. How to tell Your Audio Volume in Audacity