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This page links to a series of video guides crated by Daniel (Great Plains). These videos are hosted on YouTube.


Topics: Introduction to LibriVox, joining LibriVox, and registering for projects.

Video 1

Getting Started

Topics: Downloading and installing Audacity, installing the LAME plug-in, and choosing the microphone.

Video 2

Setting LibriVox Specs in Audacity

This little video explains how to set the sampling frequency, bit rate, file format, mono track, 16 bit sample rate and ID3 tags that LibriVox prefers Video 3

How to Upload your 1 Minute test

Once you have made your 1 minute test recording, this video explains how to upload it to LibriVox and then post a notice in the correct forum. Video 4

XP: Finding Volume Control and Microphone Selection

Sometimes the cause of low volume in our recordings is due to the volume control inside Windows XP. This video shows you where the control is located, how to test whether it is affecting your signal and how to see if the correct microphone is being selected. Video 5

How to tell Your Audio Volume in Audacity

This video shows you the amplitude of audio signal preferred by LibriVox and where the microphone gain slider is located in Audacity. Video 6