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note to self: Tip boxes: ccffcc Note boxes: ffcccc
Stuff I want to read:  
infobod: background: f0f0f0 title background: dedede
Schopenhauer: The Art of Being Right
: <b>add Tutorial link name in 1-minute test page </b>
Fuller: Gnomologia
: Finished Software We Use
: <b>Garageband</b> page still in progress.
: Started <b>1-minute test</b> page
: Added & edited Sofrware we Use.
: finished Newbie Guide. Some sections at the bottom were dropped. <b>upload pic for uploader login</b>
: added User recommended Equip.
: Started Software We Use page
: Finished Audacity 123. <b>uncompleted sections from original wiki were dropped</b>
: Added Recording section of Newbie Guide. <b>Remember to add Improve Recording section. </b>
: Started Test section in Audacity123.
: Posted another section in Newbie Guide
: Started page Audacity1-2-3.
:Posted Overview in Newbie Guide. Removed some links. '''remember to put them back''' (forgot which links I removed...)
:Posted page How to Volunteer. Deleted a redundant section and put a link to the How LV Works page instead.
:Posted LV in the News. '''need to fix img at bottom of page'''

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Stuff I want to read:

Schopenhauer: The Art of Being Right

Fuller: Gnomologia