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Do not edit this page for any reason.

See also (TODO)


  • [1] Make a one minute thingy.
  • [4] Visual impairment.
  • [6] read and absorb Yeti stuff
  • [7] review videos
  • [8] review videos
    • This should include all content from above. It seems hard to use or content is simply missing.

Make a decision on
  • [9]
    • Firstly, don't link to the forum [10]
    • Also, that information should be absorbed into the wiki as a policy justification document.
  • [11]
    > DISCLAIMER: LibriVox makes all efforts to ensure the public domain status of texts in the USA. LibriVox does not, and cannot, ensure the copyright status of texts outside the USA, and so it is up to listeners and readers to assess compliance with laws in their countries. LibriVox encourages all volunteers to abide by the laws of their countries, and cannot be held liable for the volunteer's personal decision to act in breach of their countries' copyright laws.
    • This sort of thing should be in the user agreement..
  • [12] All non-forum-related things should be relocated elsewhere, probably to one or more locked pages on the wiki.


questions to find answers for

  • Why use the patent-encumbered mp3 format if the content is meant to be public domain?
    • research: I saw some references to OGG elsewhere. I haven't found anything on this issue specifically, but have neither looked very hard nor asked.
  • Using CBR is Wrong. Use VBR.
    • Everything recent can play VBR. Those with format constraints can do the conversion.

To get an admin to do

The forum account welcome email has:

One of our volunteers has created a number of videos that you might find
helpful to learn more about the workings of Librivox. You can find a
listing of those here:

That link is better as:


There is a lot of behind-the-scenes tech stuff going on thanks to funding from the Mellon Grant, so these items are pointless until all of that effort goes live.

I still think their user stories could be useful.

  • The wiki lockdown experience can be improved.
    • Special:UserLogin can be edited to include the text to PM those administrators for an account.
      • research/confirm, possibly delayed: This may require editing of the installed files.
    • Instead of PMing one of a list of administrators, set aside a forum for this purpose. A requesting user creates a new thread there, and whichever administrator who will perform the action then deletes the thread and performs it. This way any of the admins can do it, and it's not just an inbox action for whichever single person got PMed.
    • delayed: The Wiki can have its database linked to the forum.
      • research/confirm: I may be wrong about this possibility.
      • Also, this may be entirely invalid depending on the changes being done on the technical side.
    • User comments should be possible to make right in the catalog.
    • Some issues don't need to be acted on because they're so minor, but it would be wonderful to note them so that others can know it's been reported already or a particularly keen person can fix the issue.
  • [16] (SSL) links to the forum. There's no SSL version of the wiki.
    • Something like [17] also links to the forum but in a broken form - probably because the paths to the CSS files are wrong.
  • Each major topic in the catalog should link to a forum topic for community discussion.

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