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Dates and Anniversaries

This page is for noting days and years which are important anniversaries of literary or other world events, authors' births and deaths etc. You can suggest the inclusion of existing recordings, or suggested texts to be recorded in [ this forum thread]. Your suggestions of recordings may be included in staff picks, or as spotlight items on the LibriVox home page on the Internet Archive.


Year Year of event Description of event Links to files of recordings and suggested texts
20121812Birth of Charles DickensCharles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collections
20121812Birth of Robert BrowningRobert Browning 200th Anniversary Collection
20131913Nobel Prize for Literature: Rabindranath TagoreRecordings of works by Tagore
20151815Battle of WaterlooHenty: A Tale of Waterloo
Conan Doyle: The Adventures of Gerard


e.g. on this day, in such-and-such a year, the first balloon flight was made. The event was recorded in such-and-such a book, which has/has not yet been recorded for LibriVox.

DateYearDescription of eventLinks to files of recordings and suggested texts
January 1   
January 2   
January 3   
January 4