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Help with AUDACITY A few short videos about this great editing program

  • Setting LibriVox technical specs in Audacity. click to see video It is easy to do. This 3 minute video will walk you through it step by step.
  • Changing Your Bit rate Click to see videohave you been told your bit rate is wrong? well, if you use Audacity, it is easy to fix.
  • Amplifying a File with Audacity click to see video Making a recording louder using Audacity.
  • Cutting out mistakes and replacing words in Audacity Click to see video Everyone needs to remove wrong stuff and replace it with the right stuff.
  • Noise Removal in Audacity click to see video Noise Cleaning or Removal is easy. watch this.

Help with LibriVox and Related Stuff

  • How to upload your 1 minute test click to see videothis video explains how to upload your 1 minute test recording.
  • The LibriVox Recording Process: Is it Magic? click to see video This video explains how a book progresses from being suggested to finally being recorded and cataloged.
  • File Names & ID3 Tags: How to complete thise for Librivox click to see video This video explains where to get the information to correctly complete file names and ID3 tags before you upload a file
  • Put a Clickable Link in Your LibriVox Signature Click to see video Spiffy up your Signature with links to web sites or even to your LibriVox Personal Page ! Let the world access your stuff !
  • MP3Gain - Finding the Volume of your MP3 recordingsClick to see video How close is it to our target of 89 Db? Use this free program to quickly know the decibel level of any mp3 recordings
  • Keeping Track of Your LibriVox Commitments to see video 3 tools built into the LibriVox Forum to keep complete control of your projects and commitments
  • Oh Dear! I deleted my recording!click to see video If you've been told to edit your recording but can't find it, this is how to easily download it from our server (assuming you have every uploaded it :))
  • How to tell your volume level in Audacity. click to see videoUsing your eyes and ears to get a good volume level.
  • Some Cool Things in our LibriVox Forum click to see video this video explains ways to keep track of your projects using Bookmarks and Subscriptions as well as your personal catalog page. Also some of those strange forum symbols are covered.
  • Linking to Google Docs in the Magic Window click to see video Using Google Docs allows Book Coordinators to make it easier for the reader. This video explains how to set up and use Google Docs to do this.