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LibriVox images

Update: I created the wiki category: graphics. You'll find wiki pages containing image information there.

Here are some images I want to contribute. The source files (SVG) are available at the Internet Archive. The origin of this work was the idea to create a cover and the need for a good SVG file.

If there is a need for more images, let me know. If you can't reach me here, try Twitter or another account listed at

Logotype in black (default) and white (for dark backgrounds)

15 mm at 300 DPI


15 mm at 150 DPI


Logo without or with border

15 mm at 300 DPI

LibriVox-logo-noborder-150mm-300dpi.png LibriVox-logo-border-150mm-300dpi.png

15 mm at 150 DPI

LibriVox-logo-noborder-150mm-150dpi.png LibriVox-logo-border-150mm-150dpi.png

Square format for special purposes

LibriVox-square-noborder.png LibriVox-square-border.png

Circle format for special purposes (e.g. Twitter)

LibriVox-circle.png LibriVox-circle-example.png