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LibriVox images

Here are some images I want to contribute. The source files (SVG) are available at the Internet Archive.

Logotype in black (default) and white (for dark backgrounds)

15 mm at 300 DPI

LibriVox-logotype-150mm-300dpi.png LibriVox-logotype-150mm-300dpi-white.png

15 mm at 150 DPI

LibriVox-logotype-150mm-150dpi.png LibriVox-logotype-150mm-150dpi-white.png

Logo without or with border

15 mm at 300 DPI

LibriVox-logo-noborder-150mm-300dpi.png LibriVox-logo-border-150mm-300dpi.png

15 mm at 150 DPI

LibriVox-logo-noborder-150mm-150dpi.png LibriVox-logo-border-150mm-150dpi.png

Square format for special purposes

LibriVox-square-noborder.png LibriVox-square-border.png

Circle format for special purposes (e.g. Twitter)

LibriVox-circle.png LibriVox-circle-example.png