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Daniel "Great Plains" Royer is a LibriVox volunteer reader and administrator.


Daniel is a computer programmer living in Manchester, New Hampshire, America (UTC-5). He got his bachelor's degree in computer science/computer systems from Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, where he graduated valetudinarian in 2005. He moved to New Hampshire in April of 2008 to live near friends in a part of the country he hasn't lived in before.

For recording, he uses an AKG condenser microphone plugged into an A/D converter plugged into his laptop. He records and edits in Audacity, usually using the latest release of version 1.3, or sometimes he uses the bleeding edge SVN version if it's stable enough and has a feature he just can't wait for.


As of February 2009, Daniel has 95 recordings in the catalog. For a complete listing, please see the Great Plains catalog page.