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Readers love to get positive feedback. Recording can be a lonely task, and it's nice to know that down the line someone appreciated the work, and enjoyed the recording. Thanking a reader is a lovely thing to do.

Important, please read this first:

It is LibriVox Policy that we do not allow unasked-for negative criticism of LibriVox recordings. If you want to give feedback to a reader, please only mention the good points. This policy applies to public forum posts as well as private messages (PMs) or emails to readers.

Thanking a reader if you are not registered on the LibriVox forum

What will happen to your message
Your message will be sent to a general email account that is monitored by LibriVox admins. - Thank you messages will be passed on to the relevant readers via private message on the LibriVox forum, so you can be sure it reaches the reader directly. Your comment will also be posted in this thread in the LibriVox "Suggestions, Comments, News & Discussion" forum.

A note about your email:
We will never publish your full last name or your email address on the public forum or pass it on to a third party. However, if a reader you thanked wishes to reply to you, we will privately pass on your email address. If you do not want this, please specify in your email.

Please specify in your mail:

  • to which book title you're referring, if possible with the link to the relevant LibriVox catalogue page
  • which reader/s you're thanking (sometimes we have more than one version of a book)
  • please put the reader's name in the email subject

Click here to send a thank you email!

Note: clicking this link should open a new, pre-addressed message in your email client (Outlook, or Mail, or whatever you're using). If this doesn't work for you, copy this email address and paste it into the To: field, please:

Thanking a reader if you are familiar with the LibriVox forum

Please send the reader a PM directly. If you like, also post a public message in this thread in the LibriVox "Suggestions, Comments, News & Discussion" forum. If you do this, please include a note that you've PM'd the reader yourself, otherwise an admin will notify the reader with a link to your message.

How to find more recordings by a reader

You can search the LibriVox catalogue by reader. From the main catalogue search page, click on 'More search option,' or click here to be directed to the Advanced Search. You'll find a field for the reader there. You can enter either the forum name or the catalogue name of the reader. You can also find just solo works, or collaborative works, by using the Solo/Group field. Please note that for some readers, the search results are displayed on more than one page.