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Wiki Index

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About Policies

How LibriVox Works
How to Volunteer
LibriVox in the News
Promotional Material

Copyright and Public Domain
Language Policy
Forum Policies
Recording - Text Policies
Music Rules


Recording Listening Coordinating Resources

Newbie Guide to Recording

User-Recommended Equipment


Audacity 1-2-3
Software We Use


1-Minute Test
Improve Your Recording
Voice Character Performance
Confessions of a Poetry Reader
Storyteller's Recording Guide


Audacity FAQ
Deleting errors in Audacity
Noise Cleaning
Merging Tracks
Audacity Tutorials
Audio Processing Concepts
Editing Audio
Alternative Editing Method


How to Send Your Recording

Guide for Proof-listeners

LibriVox Catalog

How To Become A Book Coordinator

Tips for Book Coordinators

Project Templates for BCs

Help! What if I Suck
English Pronouncation Guides
Foreign Words Pronounciation
Tech Specs (in progress)
Glossary (in progress)

If you see a page that seems very tech-oriented (ie it's more than an average volunteer would need), please put it under this category)