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[[How To Become A Book Coordinator]]
[[How To Become A Book Coordinator]]
:[[Tips for Book Coordinators]]  
:[[Tips for Book Coordinators]]  
[[Kmerline's 'Sheparding' Tips]]
:[[Kmerline's 'Sheparding' Tips]]
[[Project Templates for BCs]]
[[Project Templates for BCs]]

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About Policies

How LibriVox Works
How to Volunteer
LibriVox in the News
Promotional Material

Copyright and Public Domain
Language Policy
Forum Policies
Recording - Text Policies
Music Rules


Recording Listening Coordinating Resources

Newbie Guide to Recording

User-Recommended Equipment


Audacity 1-2-3
Software We Use


1-Minute Test
Improve Your Recording
Voice Character Performance
Confessions of a Poetry Reader
Storyteller's Recording Guide


Audacity FAQ
Deleting errors in Audacity
Noise Cleaning
Merging Tracks
Audacity Tutorials
Editing Audio
Alternative Editing Method


How to Send Your Recording

Guide for Proof-listeners

LibriVox Catalog

How To Become A Book Coordinator

Tips for Book Coordinators
Kmerline's 'Sheparding' Tips

Project Templates for BCs

Help! What if I Suck
English Pronouncation Guides
Foreign Words Pronounciation
Tech Specs (in progress)
Glossary (in progress)

If you see a page that seems very tech-oriented (ie it's more than an average volunteer would need), please put it under this category)
Audio Processing Concepts