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There is great potential for the use of LibriVox in the classroom. Our recordings can be useful to students who have reading disabilities, reading comprehension difficulties, who may be blind, or even to help motivate them to read. This page is meant to highlight some of the ways LibriVox can and has been used in schools.

Follow our discussion on this here.

Children Reading for LibriVox

LibriVox does allow children to submitt recordings, and makes it the responsibility of the person submitting the recording to get permission from a parent. Children under 13 will not be able to register for an account on the forum, which will prevent them from submitting files themselves. In such a case, it must be submitted by a responsible adult.

If any problem arises, and LibriVox receives notice from the parent of one of a young reader requesting their recording be removed, we will not hesitate to do so. We want to respect their privacy if it is their parent's wishes.

Personal Information: It is recommended that those submitting recordings for children under 18 be careful about what information they give to be placed on the catalog. Leave out specific locations, full names, and other information you do not want to be broadcast to all of the internet.

LibriVox in the Classroom

Ideas and implementations of projects in the classroom involving LV.

LibriVox for Schools and Libraries

Projects to send CDs/recordings to, or distribute them from school and public libraries to benefit the community.

Comments or Questions

Please post your comments or questions in the Need Help? section of our forums (requires signup), or email us at info [AT] librivox [DOT] org.