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Book Suggestions List A-B * C-E * F-H * I-L * M-P * T-Z

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • (various)

Russell, Bertrand

Ruxton, George Frederick Augustus

  • Life in the Far West


  • Chronicles of Clovis and Beasts and Superbeasts

Scott, John Reed

Seton, Ernest Thompson

Shakespeare, William

  • Macbeth
  • Sonnet 1 [Persian - ?PD]

Sinclair, Upton

  • Second Story Man, The - A Play

Skinner, Charles M.

Smith, Adam

  • Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth o

Smith, Sir William

  • A Smaller History of Greece

Smyth, W. H.

Southey, Robert

  • Life of Nelson

Speed, Harold

Stevens, James

  • Crock of Gold

Stowe, H. Beecher

Stuart, D.O.

  • A Parody Outline of History

Surányi, Miklós

Swift, Jonathan

Book Suggestions List A-B * C-E * F-H * I-L * M-P * T-Z