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Ibsen, H.

  • Hedda Gabler
  • Master Builder
  • Wild Duck

James, William

  • (various)

Jerome, J.K.

  • Three Men on a Bummel

Joyce, James

  • Dubliners


  • 16 Satires


  • One Divided by Pi

Kant, I.

  • Critique of Pure Reason Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals

Khayyam, Omar (Tr. Fitzgerald)

  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

Kingsley, Charles

  • Water Babies

Kipling, R.

  • Captains Courageous
  • Jungle Book
  • Man Who Would Be King

Knowles, Sir James

  • Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

La Fontaine

  • Fables of La Fontaine [English & French]

Lang, Andrew

  • (Color) Fairy Books, The (Blue & Lilac are in progress)

Lear, Edward

  • Book of Nonsense

Le Queux

  • Czar's Spy, The

Lewis, Sinclair

  • Main Street

Lindsay, David

  • Voyage to Arcturus, A


  • Essay concerning Human Understanding
  • Two Treatises Concerning Government

London, Jack

  • People of the Abyss

Longfellow, H.W.

  • Tales from a Wayside Inn The Song of Hiawatha

Louys, Pierre

  • Chansons de Bilitis [FRANCAIS]

Lovecraft, H.P.

  • (various)


  • Pharsalia; Dramtic Episodes of the Civil Wars

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