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'''Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot'''
'''Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot'''
* True Stories about Dogs and Cats
* True Stories about Dogs and Cats - http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/4029  
'''Fournier, Alain'''
'''Fournier, Alain'''

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Falckenberg, Richard

  • History of Modern Philosophy

Faulkner, J.M.

  • Lost Stradivarius
  • Moonfleet

Fielding, H.

  • (various other works)

Fitzgerald, F. Scott

  • Tender is the Night [?PD]

Follen, Eliza Lee Cabot

Fournier, Alain

  • Grand Meaulnes, Le (French) (not PD in France, special rules apply to authors dead in the First World War)

Freud, Sigmund

  • Interpretation of Dreams (in progress)

Froissart, J.

  • Chronicle and Romance

Galsworthy, J.

  • Forsyte Saga

Gillette, F.L.

  • Whitehouse Cookbook, The

Gillington, Alice

  • Old Surrey Singing Games and Skipping Rope Rhymes

Hazlitt, William

  • (various)

Hekmat, Mansoor

  • Woman in Life and Death - (PERSIAN - ?PD status)

Henty, G.A.

  • (various)

Herrick, R.

  • Literary Love Letters and Other Stories

Hesse, Herman

  • Siddhartha (English - Done & German)

Hill & Parloa

  • Chocolate and Cocoa Recipes

Hornung, E.W.

  • Black Mask, The

Hubbard, Elbert

  • Little Journeys to the Homes of the Great

Hume, David

  • Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Morals

Book Suggestions List A-B * C-E * I-L * M-P * Q-S * T-Z