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Please note: This page has been transferred from the old Wiki and has not been updated since May 2009, so will not include recent recordings.


Librivox accepts and appreciates everybody who volunteers in any capacity. We love accents; we love variety; we love books and voices. We embrace American Southerners who read Jane Austen and Scot Highlanders who read Zane Grey equally. All are welcome. There are no auditions. There are standards, but no barriers. All this and more has made Librivox one of the (or, THE, according to some) most prolific producer of audio books in the world. This is a direct result of the Librivox philosophy of openness and inclusiveness.

That being said, variety inevitably leads to variability, and there can be little argument that some recordings stand out for their excellence. While quality and enjoyment are subjective, even casual listening to the works in the Librivox catalog will reveal a recording or two that, for what ever reason, especially appeals to you. Maybe it’s just the story itself. Maybe it’s the voice, style, and characterizations of the reader that lets you close your eyes and transports you to the settings of the tale (hopefully you’re not driving when this happens). Or maybe--just maybe--it’s the background whine of the reader’s computer, or the hum of his air conditioner, or the timely barking of her neighbor’s dog that sets just that right tone you needed to really bring the story home for you. That experience, surely, should be shared. Well, here’s your chance.

The idea here is to provide and way for those in the Librivox community to recognize outstanding works created by our volunteers. To accentuate the positive. To say, simply, “I liked this.”

This wiki page is for the compilation of these favorites. Selections are divided into categories: Solos, Short Works, and Collaborative Works.

Selections with !!! have received multiple suggestions as "favorites."

Enjoy! Please post any suggestions to the What are your favourite recordings?" thread in the forum.

- Jim Christopher

Solo Works

Short Works

Collaborative Works