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Work in progress - please do not yet edit this page until this message disappears! Thank you.

Gesine (PM me if you have questions)

If you are a new to LibriVox recordings, please first have a look at our Newbie Guide for Soloists.

Get the soloist template

Step 1:

  • Open the wiki page Project Templates for BCs in a new browser tab so that you can go back to this page easily. (Windows: hold down Ctrl whilst clicking the link. Mac: hold down Command whilst clicking the link). You'll get to this page:

Project Templates for BCs - Librivox Wiki-1.jpg

Step 2:

  • After you've chosen your language, you'll get to the template (the English template is used here):

Project Templates for Soloists - Librivox Wiki.jpg

Edit the template

Step 1: Open a text editor. On Windows, you could use WordPad, on the Mac TextEdit. Or just use Word.

Step 2: Paste the template that you've just copied into your text editor (Note: you can also paste straight into your forum post but the edit window there is quite small, so using an editor might be easier unless you know what you're doing).

Step 3: Edit

  • Book title and author info (1. & 2.)
  • Target completion date (3.)
  • Text source (4.)


Step 4:

  • Edit the type of proof-listening (PL) required (5.). Please also read the Proof-listening FAQ. If you already have a dedicated Proof-Listener (DPL), you can also put the name here.
  • Read the Note to Soloist (6.)


Step 5:

  • Add more information about the book