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The audiobooks which feature as Staff Picks in 2015 will be added here. More details of these selections may be found on the linked blog posts. For more information and a list of Staff Picks in previous years, have a look at the main Staff Picks page

If you prefer to download m4b files, all our staff picks have been converted to this format, which can be downloaded from the respective catalog pages.

Suggestions for future Staff Picks on the LibriVox home page and the Internet Archive LibriVox index page are always welcome. Please post your suggestions in this thread.

LibriVox Staff Picks 2015

January 2015: Bright Lights


Janet of the Dunes by Harriet T. Comstock, read by Roger Melin

The Finding of Haldgred by Charles W. Diffin, read by Richard Kilmer

The Light that Failed by Rudyard Kipling, group recording

Lavender and Old Lace by Myrtle Reed, read by Bridget

Doctor Ox's Experiment by Jules Verne, read by Alan Winterrowd


Optics by Isaac Newton, group recording

Instructions to Light Keepers by US Lighthouse Board, read by Maria Kasper

Light on Life's Difficulties by James Allen, read by Andrea Fiore


A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, drama


Hymns to the Night, by Novalis, read by Pete Williams