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Solo vs. Group Project Roles

This is an attempt to clarify the difference in responsibilities between a Group project (which you have probably participated in) and a Solo project. In a solo project the soloist preforms both the functions of reader and BC (sort of like going on a self-guided tour of the forest).

Steps in the life of a project compared

Step Group Project Solo Project
Project selection Book Coordinator(BC) selects Soloist selects
Project Template BC creates Soloist creates
Project Launch and MW Meta Coordinator(MC) MC
Filling in MW Section Titles BC soloist
Filling in MW word counts BC soloist (optional, you are not advertising to other readers)
Manage reader claims and assignments BC soloist claims all the sections
Upload file(s) reader soloist
Post file link and time in froum reader to BC optional (if like to leave notes for yourself)
Update MW and section status BC soloist
Proof Listening (PL/DPL) PL/DPL PL/DPL
Revise recording after PL/DPL reader soloist
Publish to Librivox Catalog and Internet Archive MC MC