Science Fiction Shortish Stories

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Longer Short Science Fiction Stories

All these are available from Project Gutenberg. The advantage of using PG texts is that they have already been carefully copyright checked, so unlikely to give us legal problems in that respect! HOWEVER, they DO also publish copyrighted works, so double-check the licence inside the text before recording. Longer books and more short stories and novellas can be found on the Science Fiction Bookshelf at PG, or search there for your favourite authors -- you may be surprised!

In Cori's opinion, the stories listed on this page may be from 60-80 mins in finished recording duration, depending on how quickly you read, and on the language used in the story. If the story turns out to be less than 70 mins, please submit it to the Short Sci-fi Collection (found in the Short Works forum.) If it is longer than 70 mins, try to find a suitable point in the story to divide it into two or three shorter files. Use the "Solo Template" to help you post into a new thread in the Launchpad. Once this is claimed, you'll be able to upload all the files, and it's done! Each file will need its own disclaimer adding - the first part should have the full LibriVox disclaimer, and subsequent sections can use the short-form (see the template for more details.) This will create a short (but perfectly formed) solo! Underlined stories have been recorded at least once -- however multiple versions are Very Welcome!

Word counts are only rough estimates of the total words in each story. Where stories are measured in KB, you can roughly guess at 1 minute per KB.

See also Science Fiction Short Stories and Science Fiction Novels. 

Bone, Jesse F. (Jesse Franklin) - A Question of Courage (67KB) at

Breuer, Miles John - The Einstein See-Saw (72KB) at

Budrys, Algis - Citadel (71KB) at

Cox, Irving E. - Impact (64KB) at

Dick, Philip K. - The Defenders (69KB) at

Diffin, Charles Willard - The Hammer of Thor (75KB) at

Garrett, Randall - Cum Grano Salis (68KB) at

Garrett, Randall - Dead Giveaway (73KB) at

Garrett, Randall - The Destroyers (75KB) at

Garrett, Randall - The Unnecessary Man (65KB) at

Hamilton, Edmond - The Sargasso of Space (71KB) at

Herbert, Frank Patrick - Operation Haystack (66KB) at

Janifer, Laurence M. - Hex (75KB) at

Jones, Neil Ronald - The Jameson Satellite (70KB) at

Leinster, Murray - Invasion (76KB) at

Leinster, Murray - The Ambulance Made Two Trips (64KB) at

Marlowe, Stephen - A Place in the Sun (65KB) at

Marlowe, Stephen - My Shipmate—Columbus (69KB) at

Meek, S. P. (Sterner St. Paul) - The Great Drought (68KB) at

Merliss, R. R. - The Stutterer (76KB) at

Noll, Ray C. - A Fine Fix (64KB) at

Piper, H. Beam - The Keeper (71KB) at

Rich, H. Thompson (Harold Thompson) - Spawn of the Comet (71KB) at

Schmitz, James H. - Watch the Sky (67KB) at

Simak, Clifford D. - Hellhounds of the Cosmos (76KB) at

Sloat, Edwin K. - Loot of the Void (69KB) at

Smith, E. E. (Edward Elmer) - The Vortex Blaster (67KB) at

Starzl, Roman Frederick - In the Orbit of Saturn (74KB) at

Stuart, William W. - Inside John Barth (66KB) at

Vincent, Harl - Vulcan's Workshop (74KB) at

Vincent, Harl - Wanderer of Infinity (73KB) at

Wald, E. G. von - Shock Absorber (68KB) at

Wandrei, Donald A. - Raiders of the Universes (66KB) at

Wannamaker, Jim - Attrition (76KB) at

Weiss, George Henry - The Heads of Apex (71KB) at

Weiss, George Henry - The Seed of the Toc-Toc Birds (75KB) at

Wells, Hal K. - Devil Crystals of Arret (72KB) at

Wells, Hal K. - The Cavern of the Shining Ones (69KB) at

Wells, Hal K. - Zehru of Xollar (69KB) at

West, Wallace - The End of Time (74KB) at

Williams, Ralph, - Cat and Mouse (75KB) at

Williamson, Jack - Salvage in Space (69KB) at

Williamson, Jack - The Pygmy Planet (74KB) at

Wilson, Ann - Hostage--A Terran Empire story (71KB) at

Wilson, Ann - Teams--A Terran Empire story (74KB) at

Wilson, Robert H. - Out Around Rigel (65KB) at

Wright, Sewell Peaslee - The Death-Traps of FX-31 (72KB) at

Wright, Sewell Peaslee - The God in the Box (68KB) at

Wright, Sewell Peaslee - Vampires of Space (65KB) at

Zagat, Arthur Leo - The Great Dome on Mercury (70KB) at