Recordings of Books on the Ambleside List 4

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Under way 8th July 2013


Listeners have requested a list of LibriVox recordings of books recommended by Ambleside Online for use with homeschooling. Anyone looking for audio books for children will find plenty of ideas on this page.

This is the fourth part, covering year 10. The first part, covering years 0 - 4, may be found here. The second part, covering Years 5 - 8, may be found here. The third part, covering Year 9, is here. The fifth part, covering Year 11, will be here eventually.

The lists here only include books on the main booklists on Ambleside Online, not the various personal recommendations. If you would like to browse all LibriVox recordings of books, stories and poems for children, please follow this link.

Please note that many books on the Ambleside list are not in the Public Domain, and are therefore not available to record for LibriVox.

Booklist for Year 10

LibriVox recordings

The Bible

Many recordings available including American Standard Version and King James Version. For recordings of all versions, please see this search.
[ A Short Life of Abraham Lincoln by John George Nicolay.
[ Memoir of Jane Austen by James Edward Austen-Leigh.

The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis.
Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan.
Twelve Years a Slave by Solomon Northrup.
A Diary from Dixie by Mary Chesnut.
The Story of Abraham Lincoln by Mary Hamilton.

Foreign language recordings:

Recordings in Dutch
Recordings in French
Recordings in German
Recordings in Italian
Recordings in Japanese
Recordings in Latin
Recordings in Spanish

Search for recordings in other languages, by substituting the language in the search URL.

In the Public Domain, but not yet recorded

Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible Text at Warning: this is huge.
The Cambridge history of English and American literature published 1907–21. Should be PD, but have parked a copyright notice on their text..
Narrative of a recent journey os six weeks in Ireland by William Bennett. Book scan on Internet Archive.
Diary of A Tar Heel Confederate Soldier by Louis Léon. Book scan on Internet Archive.
A woman's wartime journal; an account of the passage over a Georgia plantation of Sherman's army on the march to the sea, as recorded in the diary of Dolly Sumner Lunt Book scan on Internet Archive.
Leaven for Doughfaces or, Threescore and Ten Parables Touching Slavery. By a former resident of the South. Author: Darius Lyman. Book scan on Internet Archive.
The heir of slaves; an autobiography by William Pickens. Book scan on Internet Archive.
Disraeli's speech on the Reform Bill. Text on Hansard. (Chancellor of the Exchequer's speech).
The Boys' Life of Abraham Lincoln by Helen Nicolay. Text on Project Gutenberg.
From pioneer home to the White House : life of Abraham Lincoln ;boyhood, youth, manhood, assasination, death by W. M. Thayer. Book scan on Internet Archive.

Not in the Public Domain

Knowing God by J.I. Packer.
The Attributes of God by A. W. Pink.
The Great Democracies by Winston Churchill.
Oxford Book of American History by Samuel Eliot Morison.
A History of the American People by Paul Johnson.
A Basic History of the United States by Clarence B. Carson.
A Short History of Western Civilization by Sullivan et al.
Arguing About Slavery, The Great Battle in the United States Congress by William Lee Miller.
Killer Angels by Michael Shaara.
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee: An Indian History of the American West by Dee Alexander Brown .
Virginia's General - Robert E Lee and the Civil War by Albert Marrin.

This list will continue on Recordings_of_Books_on_the_Ambleside_List_5