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Formatting work is needed on this page

Promoting LibriVox means more readers, more books and more listeners. The easiest thing to do is link to us on your blog or Web site. You could also add graphics, stick an audio spot in your podcast, or put up real live posters at your local library or cafe.

"Official" Poster

The poster was a fun project in the forum. It has been designed so that you can print it out and post it at your local school, library or cafe, or wherever you can imagine. That's great promotion! Below, you will find ready PDFs of our group-version easily printable. If you like, go ahead and create your own LV poster, it's fun - just like the T-Shirts.

Poster - Example


Form-Factors / Papersizes

If you can, please print in tabloid size. Lettersize will be ignored easily! Even in tabloid size - we better multiply the poster and hang at least two next to each other. BUT any poster is WAY better than no poster - so thanks A LOT for pinning us right where people are interested. The poster is layouted in Iso-DIN-format. The north-american/canadian formats were added for compatibility.


  • Canadian Format / CAN : 2-9.60, tabloid, 280 x 430 mm: Download
  • USA Format / Ansi: X3.151, tabloid, 279 x 432 mm (11 x 17 inches) Download
  • World Format / DIN: ISO216, DIN A2, 297 x 420 mm Download


If you have any influence on this, please don´t use the standart 80gr./m bright white xerox paper. If you can, prefer some warm toned, or "natural" paper, a little heavier, say 120gr/m. Even eco-paper would be better than the typical bright white xerox paper.

North-Americans and Canadians, persuade your government to finally use the clever DIN-Format. [1] See chapter "Hints for North American paper users".

Other Posters

User-submitted posters for printing and promoting.


Heard Any Good Books Lately Poster

Credit to Aijalyn Kohler


  • USA Format / Ansi: ANSI X3.151, tabloid, 279 x 432 mm (11 x 17 inches)
  • World Format/ DIN: ISO216, DIN A2, 297 x 420 mm

Web Graphics (banners, posters, buttons)

You are invited to make your own promotional flyers and graphics for LibriVox. If you wish to use the same fonts and colors as the Web site, they are

  • LibriVox chartreuse: hex D4EE78 (RGB 212 238 120)
  • LibriVox teal: hex 3E5B58 (RGB 62 91 88)
  • Libri font: ITC Mixage Md, Regular (Aldo Novarese)
  • Vox font: FF Thesis "The Sans", Bold (Lucas de Groot)

Here are four versions of the logotext in b/w for your use:

LibriVox has several Web site banners that you can choose from and download to help promote the project. Dial-up users beware, the page may take a few moments to load. PLEASE NOTE: Do not link to the image URLs on LibriVox site from your site. Please upload the files to your own server! Thank you.

View the extensive LibriVox Banners and Buttons page!

Introduction to LibriVox Videos

Audio promotions for podcasts etc. / Librivox Music Theme

We've done a number of LibriVox promotional spots/commercials for people who wish to promote us in their podcasts. Here's a sample, with more links to follow. PLEASE NOTE: Do not link to these audio URLs. Please upload the files to your own server! Thank you.

Music theme without voiceovers:

Piano with Orchestra strings/percussion, by Brad Bush: DOWNLOAD

Spanish Guitar with Pan Flute and Congas, by Brad Bush: DOWNLOAD

Electric Guitar, by Brad Bush: DOWNLOAD

Acoustic Guitar (Variations), by Brad Bush: DOWNLOAD

Detuned Piano (two versions), by Stephan: DOWNLOAD

T-shirts and Apparel

Laura (Fox in the Stars) Zazzle store with LibriVox shirt designs.

Kri's Zazzle store with LibriVox shirt designs.

Computer Wallpaper

More sizes, colors and designs may be added. Please make suggestions.

If your size is not currently available, remember that both Windows and MacOS allow you to stretch desktop photos to fill the whole screen.

Business Cards

These business cards print on Avery 8871 or comparable stock. If you don't have the card stock, they can be printed on plain paper and cut out.


Download PDF (Credit to Mask o' Glass)


Download PDF (Made by Kangaroo692, No Credit Needed)

Small labels for CDs

The first small label has the LibriVox URL and logo, and is great to stick onto CDs if you aren't printing a whole disc label. When you pass the disc to someone else, they'll have an instant pointer to the site for the future audiobook needs!

Print onto Avery labels (ref: J8651 - 38.1mm x 21.2mm - 5 labels across and 13 down).