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'''NOTE:  This project never got off the ground.'''
'''NOTE:  This page links to a forum thread from 2006.  The project mentioned above never got off the ground.'''

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The purpose of this project is to find a way of donating audiobooks to prisons in the UK. This project is in the research stages at the moment, so while anyone is free to begin burning audiobooks, we do not yet have a place to send them.

Jonathan Aitken is a former cabinet minister and prisoner. This is an edited extract from his new book, 'Porridge and Passion': "Illiteracy and subliteracy are major ingredients in reoffending. One third of all Britain's prisoners cannot read or write at all. How can any of them hope to earn an honest living on their release if they cannot even read labels in a warehouse or notices in a factory? The same must be partly true for the next third of all prisoners, whose literacy levels are below the level of 11-year-old schoolchildren."

Audiobooks could be an important tool, both in making books less threatening to those with literacy problems, and perhaps as a learning tool, as they can read along in the text as they listen. I'll keep the wiki page updated as and when I find any organizations who can provide the logistical link to the prisons.

To discuss this project, or to offer suggestions, please visit the following librivox forum: convalescent homes/prisons


NOTE: This page links to a forum thread from 2006. The project mentioned above never got off the ground.