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About Policies Copyright

- LibriVox
- How LibriVox Works
- How to Volunteer
- LibriVox in the News
- Promotional Material
- Banners and Buttons
- Interesting Forum Threads

- Language Policy
- Forum Policies
- Recording & Text Policies
- Music Rules

- Copyright and Public Domain
- Information about copyright rules
- LibriVox and Ebay


Finding Audiobooks Listening to the files Other resources for listeners

- Catalog Page
- How to find a reader
- Readers' Accents Table
- Books Available in m4b format
- Recommended Listening List
- Staff Picks
- Personal selections/websites of LV material
Lists & Indexes
- LibriVox Short Science Fiction Index
- Index of short works in German - Index kurzer deutscher Aufnahmen

- How To Get LibriVox Audio Files

- Podcast ... BitTorrent
- Help for Listeners in China

- How to Listen

- Choosing a Digital Audio Player
- How to get LibriVox Audio Files
- How To Listen With Your CD Player
- How To Listen On Your Apple Device

- LibriVox Community Podcasts
- Thank a Reader
- Beginner's Guide to Cutting Audio
- How To Split With Mp3Splt
- Slowing Down a Recording



All instructional videos by Phil Chenevert and Daniel (Great Plains) have been relocated to their own website called LibriVideo. See the Instructional Videos page for full details of videos available.

Full Guide: Newbie Guide to Recording
(en francais/in French: Guide pour les débutants)
(em português/in Portuguese: Guia do recém-chegado ao Librivox)
(en español/in Spanish: Guía Para Nuevos Lectores)
(in het Nederlands/in Dutch: Beginnersgids)
(auf deutsch/in Germam Anleitung zum Aufnehmen)
(sa Tagalog/in Filipino: Gabay para sa mga Baguhan sa Rekording)


- User-Recommended Equipment

- Audacity 1-2-3
- System Requirements for Audacity
- GarageBand (in progress)
- Software We Use

Sign up
- Forum Guide

- 1-Minute Test (English)

- Test 1 minute (en francais/in French)
- Prueba de 1 minuto (en español/in Spanish)
- 1-Minuten-Probe (auf Deutsch/in German)

- Improve Your Recording

- Make a Portable Vocal Booth
- Voice Character Performance
- Storyteller's Recording Guide

- Audacity FAQ
- Audacity Tutorials (<= all-purpose link to tutorials)

- Comment éliminer le bruit de fond Tutorial en francais
- Cómo eliminar el rumor de fondo Tutorial en español

- Editing Audio

- Alternative Editing Method (add pics)
- Recording and Editing With Word Processor

- How to Add or Edit ID3 Tags

- How to Send Your Recording

Dramatic Readings and Plays
- Dramatic Readings and Plays
- Editing a Dramatic Work
- Creating a Dramatic Reading Script
- Proof-listening a Dramatic Work
- Dramatic Work Resources

Recording Resources

- Recording Troubleshooter
- Help! What if I Suck
- English Pronunciation Guides
- Foreign Words Pronunciation


- ProofListening Template

- Modelo para Revisão de Áudio (ProofListening) (em Português/in Portuguese)

- Guide for Proof-listeners

- Guia para Revisores de Áudio (Proof-listeners) (em Português/in Portuguese)
- Guía para la revisión de audio (Proof-listeners) (en español/in Spanish)

Coordinating Others

- How To Become A Book Coordinator
- Tips for Book Coordinators
- How to Update the MW
- Kmerline's 'Shepherding' Tips
- Information on coordinating dramatic readings
- BC Readiness Quiz
- Project Templates for BCs

- Bible Book MC Guide
- MC Drama Cataloging Notes

LV content-related
- Homepage Translation
- CD Covers
- Librivox Community Podcast -- a weekly(ish) podcast by the community, for the community.

- Teachers and LibriVox
- How To Create Torrents
- How To Make M4B Files
- Donating LibriVox CDs

- Prison Donations
- Any Soldier Donations

- LibriVoxAPI


Resources Advanced topics

- Project Status Table
- Book Resources
- Glossary
- Poetry FAQ
- Science Fiction Short Stories
- Instructional Videos

- Misc Q&As

- Improving Computer Performance
- Setting Recording Input Level
- Tech Specs

- What is ID3

- Podcasting and Streaming Audio

Guides from a Sound Engineer
- Basic Principles of Audio Recording
- Basic Principles of Audio Processing
- Removing Mains Hum
- Questions and Answers

Misc & Off topic pages of interest to LibriVox volunteers

- 52 Books
- Great Books of the Western World Year One
- Great Books of the Western World Year Two
- Great Books of the Western World Year Three
- Recordings of Books on the Ambleside List
- Recordings of Books on the Ambleside List 2
- Penguin's Great Ideas Series
- Donate

- Archives

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