Listening on an iPod

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Here's how you get your LirbiVox files into your ipod:

First, go to the catalog page of the book you want, and click on "subscribe in itunes." This will open itunes.

In iTunes, on the left sidebar, click on "Podcasts" (under "Library"). Once there you should see: "LibriVox: the-book-title ..."

Click on the little triangle beside that.

Now you should see all the files.

If they are in light gray, it means they are not downloaded yet.

If you see a "get all" button, press that. Otherwise, press "get" on all the files individually.

Let iTunes work away at downloading till all the files are in dark gray.

Now, plug in your ipod. you'll see something like "Your iPod" in the sidebar. Now "drag and drop" LibriVox: the-book-name... onto the ipod icon.

Now the files should get transferred into your ipod.