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Other languages

What if English is not my native language -- may I volunteer to read in English anyway? (Or, for English speakers: May I read in another language?)

Yes! Part of what makes listening to a LibriVox book so enjoyable is the wide variety of voices, dialects, and accents you'll hear. You're welcome to volunteer to read anything you feel comfortable with. Try children's literature or short poetry if you're hesitant about your skill in another language. Ask for help with pronunciation if you need it, but remember we're not aiming for perfection.

Are you doing books in other languages? Yes. We have some German, French, Spanish, and Italian books, and a few others. All we need is willing volunteers who are fluent in other languages.

LibriVox language guidelines

1. The main language of the forum is English. This means that most posts about LibriVox, questions about how it works, etc. should all be in English. The reason is that most of our moderators are English-speaking, and we need to be able to answer questions, and monitor what's going on on the forum. And don't worry if your English is rusty!!

2. Book Threads may be in another language (see 3) If a "Readers Wanted" or "Readers Found" thread is started for a non-English book, this thread can be in the language of the book (French, German etc). For non-English threads, please name them: [LANGUAGE] Book Name - Author Name eg: [DEUTSCH] Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei - Engels/Marx

3. How to start a non-English book thread Starting a non-English book thread is the same as an English one. You must be prepared to be a Book Coordinator, which means you must have recorded at least one chapter for another LibriVox project. You also must be ready to translate some bits of text into the language of the book, such as: "This is a LibriVox recording, all LibriVox recordings are in the public domain..." To find out more about being a Book Coordinator, click here.

If you have any questions, please post in the Need Help? forum.