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: http://librivox.org/the-critique-of-pure-reason-by-immanuel-kant
: http://librivox.org/the-critique-of-pure-reason-by-immanuel-kant
'''18. DARWIN: The Origin of Species''' [Introduction—Ch. 6, Ch. 15]
'''DARWIN: The Origin of Species''' [Introduction—Ch. 6, Ch. 15]
: http://librivox.org/the-origin-of-species-by-charles-darwin/
: http://librivox.org/the-origin-of-species-by-charles-darwin/

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Check the Great Books of the Western World main page with links to all other years.

The following is the fifth year of the suggested ten year reading plan for the Second Edition, linked to public domain versions of each of the readings. Note that preference is given to completed audio versions on LibriVox. If there is no completed audio version but the work is in progress, then a link is provided to the forum thread. If there is no version in progress, then a link is provided to a public domain text source.

PLATO: Phaedo


ARISTOTLE: Categories


ARISTOTLE: On the Soul [Book II, Ch. 1-3; Book III]


HIPPOCRATES: The Oath; On Ancient Medicine; On Airs, Waters, and Places; The Book of Prognostics; Of the Epidemics; The Law; On the Sacred Disease

The Oath/The Law contained in http://librivox.org/short-nonfiction-collection-008-by-various/

GALEN: On the Natural Faculties

VIRGIL: The Aeneid

http://librivox.org/the-aeneid-by-virgil/ (Prose Translation)

PTOLEMY: The Almagest [Book I, Ch. 1-8]

COPERNICUS: Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres [Introduction—Book I-Ch. 11]

KEPLER: Epitome of Copernican Astronomy [Book IV, Part II, Ch. 1-2]

PLOTINUS: Sixth Ennead

ST. THOMAS AQUINAS: Summa Theologica [Part I, QQ 75-76, 78-79]


DANTE: The Divine Comedy [Hell]


HARVEY: The Motion of the Heart and Blood

CERVANTES: Don Quixote [Part I]


SPINOZA: Ethics [Part II]


BERKELEY: The Principles of Human Knowledge


KANT: Critique of Pure Reason [Transcendental Analytic]


DARWIN: The Origin of Species [Introduction—Ch. 6, Ch. 15]


TOLSTOY: War and Peace [Book I-VIII]

Maude Translation of all books: https://librivox.org/group/267

JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. XXVIII]

DEWEY – Experience and Education (published 1938 - probably still in copyright)

WADDINGTON – The Nature of Life (published 1961 - probably still in copyright)

ORWELL – Animal Farm (published 1945 - still in copyright)