Great Books of the Western World Year Eight

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Check the Great Books of the Western World main page with links to all other years.

The following is the eighth year of the suggested ten year reading plan for the Second Edition, linked to public domain versions of each of the readings. Note that preference is given to completed audio versions on LibriVox. If there is no completed audio version but the work is in progress, then a link is provided to the forum thread. If there is no version in progress, then a link is provided to a public domain text source.

ARISTOPHANES: Thesmophoriazusae, Ecclesiazusae, Plutus

PLATO: Gorgias

ARISTOTLE: Ethics [Book V]

Eudemian Ethics:
Magna Moralia:
Nicomachian Ethics:

ARISTOTLE: Rhetoric [Book I, Ch. 1—Book II, Ch. 1; Book II, Ch. 20—Book III, Ch. 1; Book III, Ch. 13-19]

ST. AUGUSTINE: On Christian Doctrine

HOBBES: Leviathan [Part II]

SHAKESPEARE: Othello, King Lear

BACON: Advancement of Learning [Book I, Ch. 1—Book II, Ch. 11]

DESCARTES: Meditations on the First Philosophy

SPINOZA: Ethics [Part III]

LOCKE: A Letter Concerning Toleration

ROUSSEAU: A Discourse on Political Economy

ADAM SMITH: The Wealth of Nations [Book II]

BOSWELL: The Life of Samuel Johnson

MARX: Capital [Prefaces, Part I-II]

GOETHE: Faust [Part I]

JAMES: Principles of Psychology [Ch. VIII-X]

STERNE: Tristam Shandy

BARTH – The Word of God and the Word of Man [I - IV] (Published in 1928, thus still under copyright)

BERGSON – An Introduction to Metaphysics

HARDY – A Mathematicians Apology (Published in 1940, thus still under copyright)

KAFKA – The Metamorphosis