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LibriVox is a pretty wide-open sort of project and we try to keep a minimum of rules and regulations to follow, but we do have some that you should keep in mind on our forums and in your PMs:

  • 1. Be Nice. Excessive and repeated un-niceness may result in your being asked to leave LibriVox.
  • 2. We Are All Volunteers. Everyone here, everyone, is a volunteer. We all do our best to make this project work. We cannot be perfect, and we cannot get everything right, but we try our hardest. Please respect that. By the way "we" probably includes "you." In considering this, please refer again to rule number 1, which in the end is the most important.
  • 3. No Unasked-For Criticism. For various reasons, we don't allow negative criticism (unless asked-for) of specific LibriVox recordings, readers or books on the forum. General criticism is fine. For more information, see:
  • 4. Off-Topic Discussions May Be Moved to 'Off Topic' Thread. LibriVox survives because of the great community, but sometimes topic threads veer off track, especially Book project threads. In particular long debates about politics or metaphysical arguments can derail a project thread. If it seems like such discussions are hurting the project, they will get moved to the off-topic thread, where you are free to chatter as much as you like as long as you respect rule 1, above. And note, this principle applies to non-project threads as well: if you are off-topic (even in a an off-topic thread) your discussions may be moved.
  • To be more explicit, regarding Policy #1:

Being not nice includes: personal attacks, abusive language (in the public forums or in PMs), excessive flaming, threats, and other things that most people agree are not nice. These are in violation of forum policies.

Being asked to leave means: Violators of the Be Nice policy will be given three formal warnings by PM regarding violations of the "Be Nice" forum policy. The third formal warning will be the last, and subsequent violations will result in a ban.