Files do not play in the correct order

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Some devices such as some car MP3 players and the Sansa Clip use the track number to determine the order of play.

All our original files (the 128kbps ones) have track numbers. The Internet Archive, which hosts all our completed recordings, automatically derives other formats such as 64 kbps MP3, zip files and Ogg Vorbis files. Unfortunately, during the derivation process the track numbers are lost. It is not within our power to change this.

Most devices play files in the correct order from the track titles, which are all numbered. However, for those devices which use the track number only, listeners will experience problems in getting the device to play the files in the right order.

First: ensure that you do not have any shuffle feature enabled. If this does not help, here are some ideas:

1. Add track numbers yourself on your computer. A program like MP3Tag should be able to do this.


2. Download the 128 kbps files instead, which ALL have track numbers. You can download them individually, or download all 128kbps files using a browser add-on like DownThemAll with this filter: /(128kb\.mp3)$/