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A list of works is also available in: French

This is a list of works which have been suggested for reading; they have mostly been collected from the Book Suggestions thread.

If you know that something has been suggested but isn’t on the list, please add it, or ask someone else to. Similarly, if you know that one of these has actually been taken on for reading, please delete it from the list or mention it in the book's thread for someone else to delete.

If a work has more than one author, please make an entry in the list for each author. Remember to remove all the authors if you're removing something from the list.

Because of the number of suggestions, the entries for named authors have been broken down into a number of alphabetical sections:

A-B * C-E * F-H * I-L * M-P * Q-S * T-Z

Authors Unknown

The Anglosaxon Chronicle
The Epic of Gilgamesh -
I Ching
Letters of a Soldier, 1914-1915 -
Paris Peace Treaty of 1783 (U.S.A. and Britain) -
A Young Girl's Diary -

Various authors

Scandinavian Folklore and Legends
The Bible (English)
Bibel (Deutsch)

The Harvard Classics - Listing of volumes 1 to 51

Rolls of Honor - other lists on the web that members may look to for inspiration. Some books listed are already recorded or in progress (but multiple versions are our friends), and many are under copyright and thus not possible Librivox projects.

"Banned Books" resources: