Audacity 1-2-3

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This is a guide on how to install Audacity.

Download and Install

(The steps below are a short outline. For a more complete tutorial, please check out this guide.)

  1. Download and install the Audacity software from this page: Audacity Sourceforge Download
  2. Download the lame mp3 encoder (instructions included).
    1. Install the Lame encoder. Please follow the instructions on this page
Note: It is recommended to download both the stable version and the Beta version. The main advantage to the Beta is that it offers a much improved noisecleaning effect. Some readers use the stable version to record, and the Beta to apply noisecleaning. Other readers will use the Beta for everything.


You might need to change the default settings in Audacity. This is to ensure that all our recordings are as technically uniform as possible.