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Ideas -- Maddie brainstorm

Anniversary Podcast ---How long should it be?? BR[a: I am ashamed to say that I have never listened to our podcasts (!!!) and have no idea how long they are. Let's ask!]

General consensus--What would people like to see included in this?

Ideas for individual components of it, not necessarily in this order, just a rough draft.

1. Some sort of intro by Hugh to mark the occasion. (maybe a bit about the origins of Librviox) 1a Maybe get some of the "original" volunteers (the old timers ) to talk briefly about the early days of librivox (or favorite librivox memory?) these could either be as an interview or just the people saying what they have to say?

2. Mini "interview"/ quotes from volunteers. (Like, get everyone who wants to, to record their answers to the same 1-2 questions and then it'd be compiled together.) or maybe just freestyle (brief!) quotes from many volunteers saying what they like about librivox or why it's important to them or why they volunteer or something. A nice file of librivoxers talking about librivox. ("what the volunteers have to say about librivox.") 2a. Maybe read a few snippets of some good/interesting feedback from the listening public. ("What other people have to say about librivox")

3. the "love your noise" and outtakes ("gag reel") idea. I love this idea. The love your noise Stephan did was brilliant, it would be great to get more of this sort of thing. I can see the outtakes being especially funny, sort of a "this is what happens when our recordings *don't* go quite as planned" thing.

4. The poem...I don't know what poem will be decided upon, (and if it will be more than one ?) but I'm thinking (depending upon how this ends up), maybe the recordings could be done as a separate (but still tied in) thing that would function like the weekly poetry, where anyone who wants to contribute could read the poem, and that could be released to the catalog as an "anniversary poetry collection," and then for the official podcast there would be just one recording of each poem(s) but read in several voices (edited together.) Or everyone could get together and choose someone specific to read the "official" podcast version of the poem(s) if they prefer. just a couple of ideas

5. For the suggestions such as what Anita made (lists of firsts, etc) it could be presented like a "librivox fun facts" or "librivox trivia" type thing

6. I like the idea of doing (for the listeners who are maybe new to librivox,) a "hear what you've been missing" compilation...I don't want to call it a compilation of the *best* recordings because that might make people feel excluded, but like several recordings that represent librivox as a whole (poetry, other languages, across the gamut of librivox recordings.) my train of thought (choo-choo,) is that people could maybe nominate recordings for this, and it would not be whole poems or stories, just little snippets of each, a few lines even--a cacophany of non-matching sound bites put together and then maybe some flashy (but in the pd) music or sound effect and a goosebump-inspiring concluding remark that would make the public want to rush out and download and/or volunteer and share in the livrivoxiness of it all. It would definitely have to have a sample (or more) from the Ulysses 15c project.

One last element I thought of to this. I think it would be so great if we could have one part of this that would be a "secret", not to be unvelied until the podcast. Like, people would contribute the sound files and such for whatever part, but nobody would hear the finished product of it until the big "reveal" of the completed recording. we'd have to recruit a few people to be in on the secret with us (as far as uploading it, etc, but not making is publicly available until the end.) I know the general way to do things on LV is to post sound files as we go so we can get feedback, etc., but I think it would be a really cool "anniversary gift" to everyone to have at least one part of the podcast be a complete surprise (preferably something really hilarious.) Well, the idea wouldn't be a surprise, but the actual finished product (what we did with it) would be.

Ideas -- Anita brainstorm

I'm thinking that the annivesary week has anniversary-theme events and a page linking to them

* the podcast is a special-made anniversary program
* the poetry is a kind of anniversary dedication
* actual parties around the planet (send in pix, etc. I dunno)
* certain special programs are rounded up and made available that week (such firsts as The Importance of Being Earnest -- first play, etc.) and specially point out (referenced or excerpted in the anniversary program, as well as made easily available in whole through the party page)

Ideas -- Starlite brainstorm

Whatever our next step is...

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