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This table sorts readers by LOCATION. Please note that location does not always represent the reader's actual accent.

Note: Readers add their names to this list on a voluntary basis, and it is by no means a complete list of all the accents in the LibriVox catalog

To add yourself, copy the section below (on the grey shading) and paste it in the table, where you would like your name to be. " |- " signals the beginning of a row, so you'll need to paste your code right above the line starting with " |- ". The table is generally ordered alphabetically according to location. Preview before committing your change - it can be tricky to get right!

| STATE, COUNTRY, REGION, ETC.  (entries are ordered by this field, alphabetically please)


Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
Lucy_k_p (Lucy Perry) England > Bath Neutral English accent Born in the Black Country, I currently live in Bath but have never managed to pick up much of the accent of either. Those from the Black Country think I 'talk posh,' those in Bath think I 'sound common.' I speak quickly, but am told I have good enunciation. I generally try to do character voices. Sample
Quinkish (Rachel Lintern) England > Bristol Soft West Country accent
elaineandsparky (Elaine Webb) England > Bristol South West England accent I do character voices and I have lived in Bristol all my life.
Stuart (Stuart Bell) England > Cambridge Neutral English accent
Jhiu England > Durham South Yorkshire overlaid with RP Precise, light voice but with some range; can read Latin and related languages
RuthieG (Ruth Golding) England > Kent RP/BBC English (no regional accent) Mature voice, clear diction, character voices Sample
Boojumuk (Kevin Green) England > Lancashire General northern England, but can manage a few regional accents on request! I usually try to put a few different accents into my readings to differentiate between characters.
David Richardson England > Lancashire/London UK English RP Mellow/Rich. 'Scouse' on Saturday nights. Sample
earthcalling (David Barnes) England > London BBC English (no regional accent) Reading style: slow and deliberate Sample
Nicholas19 (Nicholas James Bridgewater) England > London Mid-Atlantic English accent, General American/Upstate New York
Peter Why (Peter Yearsley) England > London South-east England, with some London colouring
russiandoll (Philippa) England > London RP, basically Occasional Essex colouring; some character voices/accents Sample
CliveCatterall England > Hereford South-East England. More specifically Guildford. More specifically still about 2/3 of the way up the High Street in the pub behind the Holy Trinity Church
gemlad England > Oxford Northern England (Yorkshire) I've been living in Oxford for >10 years so my accent is not as broad as some.
carolb (Carol Box) England > Surrey (South East) RP A film director friend described my voice as light husky, bright yet mellow, compassionate and passionate, flowing...but I think he had an ear infection at the time! My first solo, a book of fairy tales, involved a cast of many character voices.
Mango (Joe Pilsbury) England > West Midlands Can do a BBC Non-accent, Welsh, Gen Am, Scottish and Polish accents as well.
CarlManchester England > Northern British, slightly northern English, slightly Welsh Occasionally reads in French Sample
Cori (Cori Samuel) England > South East RP (via an Estuary.) Warm, clear and friendly voice Sample
Justin Brett England > South East Conservative RP (Can also do Latin, lousy at accents...) Sample
Mike001 (Michael Dalling) England > South East South-East English accent (RP)
paradise.camouflage (Andy) Scotland (Argyll & Bute) Scottish with slight Irish influences - rural: no whine/wine merger, no glottalisation Alters accent & vocal range for each character's dialogue - can do baritone to alto, & regional accents of Britain, North America and Europe.
catrose (Charlotte Duckett) North Wales Fairly Welsh. Not incredibly Welsh , but Welsh enough!
Secrets (Sally Ann Cook) South Wales Welsh tonality & resonance (Richard Burton's Dialect)
MorganScorpion (Julia Morgan) UK English RP Also reads Latin, French, a little Classical Greek and Mandarin (Pinyin only so far)


Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
smijen (Sarah Jennings) BC > Vancouver area Ontarian
seanmhogan Newfoundland & Labrador > St. John's Fairly neutral Canadian (not much 'eh' :-)) Surprisingly bad NL accent!
Starlite (Esther) Ontario > North of Toronto Canadian éh
Tricia G Ontario > Toronto area Minnesotan turning to Ontarian
hugh (Hugh McGuire) Qc > Montreal
Jc (Jc Guan) Qc > Montreal EN: Canadian
FR: Québécois
Also reads in Spanish, Mandarin, and German (French accent).


Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
Steampunk (Jim Christopher) AZ Gen Am Generally non-accented. Quite dull, actually. Probably shouldn't be allowed within 50 yards of a live mic. Not recommended listening for those operating farm equipment or other heavy machinery.
bublsort (E. Tavano) CA > LA mild Northeast US
David Wales CA>LA General American Oh my. Welsh genes for speaking voice (the singing ones skipped me entirely). Grew up on the West Coast and the South; have lived in Southern California for 40 years. The Southern influence produces a bit broader vowels. Have had some public speaking training. Can do some voice inflection but not really character voices.
Kayray (Kara Shallenberg) CA > SD
msfry (Michele Fry) LA, Southeast US General American, no particular accent. Raised in the South by a Yankee father and Parisian French mother, then married into a Cajun family, I can do some French pronounciation, feign a southern drawl, redneck, & Cajun.

DeRamos (Ryan DeRamos) CA Late 20th Century, suburban Southern Californian (if such a designation exists) Recording voice varies by character and content (results may vary).
bobgon55 (Bob González) FL > TPA Standard American, "Mid-Atlantic" (blend of Standard US and RP); in Spanish, South American & Castilian. Born/raised in Tampa. Lived in Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin. University trained in stage speech, have done numerous accents, tend to idiosyncratically pronounce certain words. "Mid-Atlantic" learned in graduate training, once thought standard for performing classics in US. Not sure if it is standard anymore. Standard American Mid-Atlantic Spanish
BellonaTimes FL
MaryAnnSpiegel IL Gen Am From Western IL, the regional home of Gen Am. Limited to my native accent. Passable German pronunciations.
echobase77 (Anna Roberts) IN Clear Midwest accent ("no accent"?) I speak some Spanish and can generally figure out Latin and Greek pronunciations.
alg1001 Amy Gramour ME > Northern Mainly a South of Boston Massachusetts accent with a Northern Maine influence (twenty years in both).
GayleCato MI (May not be a typical MI accent ... )
DebraLynn MI > LP (no accent)
thistlechick (Betsie Bush) MI > UP Northern Midwest US Occasional "Whistling S" =)
PersiaRose (Clara Snyder) Midwest Midwest accent (no accent) Can stumble through German pronunciation.
Tulip27 (Michael Wolf) MN English: British RP, north Midlands, GenAm

German: Northwestern (Northrhine-Westphalia)
Dutch: Hollandic (Rotterdam)

Accent varies based on genre, text, setting, etc. Though now located in the US, I'm more confident with British varieties. I also speak German and Dutch and my French pronunciation is good enough to contribute short pieces in French US UK


k-rin (Karen Keeney) MS Slight Southern, no drawl
Great Plains New Hampshire GenAm Mild Oregon and Louisiana inflections.
chocoholic (Laurie Anne Walden) North Carolina Southern American (Carolinas)
Rick Rodstrom NY > NYC NY accent
SmokestackJones (Glen Hallstrom) Oklahhoma City None
Lynnet (Lynne Thompson) OR > Portland Southern British English but with moments of Portland Born: south London, England. Grew up: Kent, southern England. Also spent time in Coventry, England and Cwmbran, south Wales.
SilverG (Greg Bowman) TN US Neutral Sample
Jenny (Jenny Lundak) TX Gen Am Grew up in Midwest (IL/OH), lived in CA, currently in TX. Like to play on variations of southern drawls.
JimTheActor (Jim Allman) TX Gen Am No wine-whine merger
Bill Mosley TX > Central TX Raised in a suburb of Houston, studied Spanish and Greek, can translate southern drawl.
AmateurOzmologist (Miriam Esther Goldman) TX > Houston Sort of pan-american WWII era accent. Speaks Hebrew passably well, but in a painfully American accent.
gypsygirl (Karen Savage) TX > Waco British RP and GenAm; in Spanish, Mexican Native accent is British, but have been living in US since teens. UK US Spanish
Esky (Stephen Escalera) VA
Oxenhandler (Peter Oxenhandler) New England Born: Boston, Massachusetts. Grew up: Boston, Massachusetts. Currently live in: Maine and Massachusetts. Lived in New York City (20 years. I enjoy affecting accents.
lharri (Laura Harrington) Northeastern USA
Samanem (Dennis Smith) USA > Southeast Gen Am Bass/Baritone
prwells32 (Patrick Wells) California > Norcal American, Non-specific US

Australia & NZ

Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
mockfrog (Matthew Ward) Australia > NSW > Newcastle Cultured or more working class Australian accents can do various English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Russian, Spanish, German, French & Various American & Canadian
Aspergine Australian Can range from Sydney eastern-suburbs-tertiary-educated to colourful larrikin inflected.

Other Countries


Country Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
Austria aravis (Elli) In English: definitely German
In German: no regional accent
Austria J_N (Julia Niedermaier) English: British with an Austrian-German accent;
German: no dialect, but German native speakers would probably recognize me as Austrian;
born and raised in Vienna (AT); studied for a year in Newcastle (UK); I might at some point try my hand at French or Japanese - be afraid, be very afraid English
Belgium Julila (Julie VW) Ghent Dutch (Standaard Nederlands met Vlaamse tongval); British English (RP with slight Flemish accent) also reads in French, and a bit of German
Denmark neckertb Copenhagen in English: a mixture of French, German and Danish;
in French: no regional accent;
in German: I believe a mixture between Danish and french;
in Danish: German or French depending on whom I ask
very good at taking an extreme French accent in English
France Lady Maria Paris French accent
Germany Janie No. 5 (Stephanie König) Bodensee Swabian (slightly?)
Italy daniele Italian Accent Sample
Italy mgt (Maria Grazia Tundo) Bari English


Italy Riccardo (Riccardo Fasol) Italian: No accent
English: Italian accent
Italy > Rome sirjoh (Sergio) In Italian: very faint Tuscan accent
In English: slight Italian accent; RP as model
In French: very slight, undefinable accent;
In German: Italian accent.
precise diction and light tenor voice
The Netherlands anna (Ans Wink) Maastricht Heers/Maastrichts
The Netherlands lezer (Anna Simon) Gelderland in English: Dutch; in Nederlands: ABN, met soms een hint Brabants
The Netherlands bart (Bart de Leeuw) Utrecht in English: Dutch; in Nederlands: ABN, met een beetje een zachte g. Mijn r ligt achter in mijn mond en kan ik niet laten rollen
Norway Kristingj (Kristingj) Oslo English accent is closer to neutral British, but tend to sometime mix American and British. Norwegian: Somewhat neutral, but still a hint of accent from Eastfold / Ostfold
Spain tux753 (Tux) Madrid Spanish (of Madrid) not too strong
Sweden rowland (Lars Rolander) Linkoping in English: Fairly neutral, like to play with voices though:
in German: Maybe a bit influenced by Hessen, but fairly neutral:
in Swedish: No particular accent, but can do several dialects


Country Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
India neerajanagarajan (Neeru Iyer) Chennai, South India South-Indian Brahmin accent, I think (if such a thing exists) Can do a little bit of German tolerably
Philippines JohanLiebert

(April Gonzales)

Cavite English: British with little American accent on some long readings

Tagalog: Caviteñong Tagalog
Bisaya: general Bisaya

OTHER INFO: I lived in the Southern Tagalog area for most of my life so, my Bisaya is a bit accented with Tagalog English
Taiwan Semantic Nuance

South America

Country Reader Location Accent Other Info Sample
Brazil AnaESL In Portuguese: Paulistana (São Paulo capital)
Brazil Leni In Portuguese: "carioca" (Rio de Janeiro)