1 minute test script

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"People were pleased to find that Peter Piper had picked a couple pages for fable fans at LibriVox. Thankful that this was Thursday the thirtieth, the Piper anticipated forum fun and a wonderful weekend of recording! This is a test by YOURNAME. Had it been an actual LibriVox contribution, it would have been a Public Domain text, previously published and probably interesting."

Yes, this is not really a minute long but we ran out of words and your recording will be just fine no matter what length it is.

Export with the file name "test_yourforumname.mp3". make sure there are NO spaces. don't worry about anything the tags and stuff. I recommend that you save it to your desktop so you can find it easily. Then upload it to the uploader.

For a video on uploading your 1 minute test once you have recorded it How To Upload Your 1 Minute Test click here

for this script in other languages, please go to "Newbie Guide to Recording" in this Wiki [[1]].