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At this point, you should have your recording hardware and software set up correctly. If not, please consult the Newbie Guide to Recording.

You should also be comfortable with using your recording software. If not, please consult Audacity 1-2-3.

(There's also some information on using GarageBand elsewhere on our wiki.)

Reminder: Specifications

  1. record at sample frequency 44.1 kHz at 16 bit sample size in mono
  2. export to mp3 at 128Kbps with ID3v2 tags for Title, Artist, and Album
    (if your test is a Short Works project, look at its top post; if you're doing the 1-Minute Test, Title: Test; Artist: Your Name; Album: Testing Testing)
  3. always plug your mic in before you launch Audacity (otherwise, restart Audacity)
  4. adjust your input level (usually needs to be increased a notch or two)
    1. on a PC: Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > click the Audio tab: Sound recording Default device - select your microphone from the drop-down menu and click Volume; most folks need to slide the volume higher to about 3/4 or 5/8 mark.
    2. on a Mac: Applications > System Preferences > Sound: select your microphone under "Choose a device for sound input" and slide the "Input volume" up, usually to 3/4 or 5/8 mark.

You should now be ready to record either a 1-minute test or a Short Works poem or somesuch

  • Record something like this (use this or make something up).
"People were pleased to find that Peter Piper had picked a couple pages for fable fans at LibriVox. Thankful that this was Thursday the thirtieth, the Piper anticipated forum fun and a wonderful weekend of recording! This is a test by YOURNAME. Had it been an actual LibriVox contribution, it would have been a Public Domain text, previously published and probably interesting."
  • When you are done, play it back. Is it too loud? Too soft? Is there background noise?
    Sometimes, processing the audio file will improve the quality of the recording. There are 2 simple effects that are commonly used: Amplify and Noise Clean. For more information on how to use these effects, please consult the tutorials.
  • Save your file. Call it test_yourforumname.mp3
  • Upload your test file using the LV Uploader (for more info, read Uploading.
    • select "xx - Non-project files" from the uploader's MC drop-down list

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and copy the link it provides when the upload is complete

  1. and be sure to get feedback:
    • are the settings correct?
    • input volume OK? (too soft? too loud?)
    • got plosives? (mic getting wind over it?)
    • got hum? buzz? (dc offset?) hiss? (related to input volume and computer's input selection)