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Catalogue of M4B Format Books

NOTE: This catalogue is being removed. Updates to Librivox Catalog and Internet Archive webpages have allowed us to place links to the M4B files on the web page for each project/title.

Welcome to our "catalogue" of Librivox books made available for download by a number of people who wish to share with you their efforts. As these are made using a number of different programs they will differ slightly in some aspects but will behave as a M4B file should. Longer books may have more than 1 file as some iPods etc are limited in the size they can use. We all hope you will enjoy your downloads. Clicking on a link below will take you to the page you want , or if you wish to browse, click on a page and follow the links on it to the next page.

Don't have an iPhone or an iPod?
Listen to M4B files on your PC with free software like iTunes or VLC media player. Or, rename the downloaded file from .m4b to .m4a (i.e. DROID X will play m4a, but not m4b).

If you are interested in creating an M4b, see How To Make M4B Files

Alphabetical by Book Title

- Dutch

- French

- German

- Multi-Lingual & Others

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